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Relocating to Bermuda…

An idyllic location coupled with minimal tax and accelerated career progression – how does that sound? Bermuda, along with the Cayman Islands, and other offshore locations across the Americas and Europe, is one of the most sought-after relocation options for accounting, finance and insurance professionals. Over the past four years, Hanami International has placed many candidates into the Atlantic archipelago.

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Six steps to uncapping female success in the workplace

‘While Australian companies are increasingly active in their efforts to drive gender equality, women remain underrepresented at every stage of the career pipeline in Australia’ (Mckinsey, 2018). While women make up 42% of the Australian workforce, only 10% of CEOs at large, for-profit organisations are women. This under-representation, while aided by quotas and recruitment policies, cannot be cured by them.

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A Nightmare on Sloane Avenue

Over in our London office, our consultants recount some stories that will make your blood boil – sit tight, keep reading and prepare yourselves, you’re in for a fright! It’s nearly Halloween at the Recruitment Entrepreneur hub and no doubt later we’ll head to the pub! Whilst ghosts and goblins are yet to be seen, one hundred recruitment consultants might

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Switching off to reconnect

Log out of LinkedIn, shut off your email, switch off your phone In 2008, Psychological Sciences published a paper by US based psychologist Stephen Kaplan on Attention Restoration Theory (ART). The article describes a simple experiment whereby two groups of people were asked to walk to the University campus and then complete a short numerical test requiring intense concentration. The first group

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RE celebrates the launch of their new financial executive search firm Stanford Search

Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur James Caan CBE welcomes Stanford Search to the portfolio hub in London  Stanford Search is a recently launched boutique executive search firm founded by Jake Tapsell in partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur working on front office positions across private equity, investment banking and broader alternative investments. The firm brings modern vision and vigor to the industry –

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360 Search talk partnering with Recruitment Entrepreneur and James Caan CBE

How we’re making the most of growth opportunities in Ireland with James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur. Capitalising on new growth opportunities in the wake of Brexit, James Caan CBE’s latest investment introduces the Irish market to Recruitment Entrepreneur‘s portfolio. Dublin-based 360 Search is a boutique financial recruitment consultancy. Founded in 2010 by Managing Director Lynda Barnes, 360 Search has

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