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Collaboration: the key to start-up success?

At Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE), we view our partnerships as more than cash investments. We strive to create an innovative, collaborative culture, in which our joint ventures are both supported and encouraged to support others. Find out more about what a partnership with RE can do for your business here. Here’s how collaboration helps put your best foot forward in business:

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360 Search: Recruitment Entrepreneur invests in Dublin

Recruitment Entrepreneur are pleased to announce our first investment in Ireland, 360 Search. 360 Search are leaders within Dublin’s financial recruitment market, specialising in talent solutions across asset management and pensions. Founded by Lynda Barnes, 360 Search was established in 2010 and boasts a team renowned for their expertise and market knowledge, providing an extensive range of high level

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Recruitment Entrepreneur is open for business in Australia, and business in Australia is open for RE

We were never in doubt about the potential scope and opportunity for us to bring our investment model and platform to the Australian recruitment market. However, we never anticipated just how much. The reaction and welcome we’ve received from experienced recruiters and early stage recruitment business owners confirms there was a clear and compelling need for a specialist investment business

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Millennials and the mythical start-up

A quick glance at pretty much any business section confirms it: millennials have a terrible workplace reputation. Received wisdom holds that we’re fickle, uninterested, slow-learners, and deeply obsessed with beanbags. The following extract, from a Telegraph article called “The Problem with Millennials in the Workplace”, sings at the general pitch: If there was ever a moment which laid to rest

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