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Co-leadership: the power of two

It’s often mooted that a company only needs one CEO. Someone at the top who makes all the decisions, good or bad, and sticks to them. He or she has complete control and the buck stops there. The commander-in-chief, the standard bearer, the sole protagonist. However, in recent years, many organisations have moved away from the traditional setup, with companies such

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Why employer branding matters

Why employer branding matters in talent attraction… In today’s saturated, highly competitive marketplace, employer branding is not to be underestimated. Linkedin reports that companies with strong branding spend an average of 43% less per hire. The amount of times I hear candidates say they hate their current employer is frightening. Do employers know this? Do they care? When organisations are competing for the

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Facing up to failure

Two years ago we launched Beeken Reeves. We knew why we wanted to set up our own recruitment consultancy, we knew what we wanted to achieve, we had a plan in place and, rather naively, we felt that we were aware of everything that might go wrong. Growing a start-up is rewarding, enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling. With investment and support from Recruitment Entrepreneur we’ve

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